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Humm Bug Hummingbird Protein feeder


Repurpose your ripe fruit to attract hummingbirds!

Encourage adult hummingbirds to nest nearby because they need to feed their young protein every 20 minutes -- and hummers can eat more than 100 fruit flies a day! Over a period of three weeks, this handy feeder incubates your ripe fruit and vegetable pieces to produce fruit flies and nourish hummingbirds. Made from solid red plastic to deter bees and wasps, while adult hummingbirds can rest on the wraparound perch to save much-needed energy. For best results, add banana peels and hang near your nectar flowers or feeder. Includes 12 inch cable hanging loop and drainage. 10 x 5-1/2 inches. 

  • Spacious fruit feeder with 15 feeding ports
  • Attract multiple hummingbirds without nectar
  • Container incubates fruit & harbors fruit flies for protein
  • Easy to clean; refill every 3 weeks
  • Made in the USA
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