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Welcome to our Cardinal Corner's Chatter Newsletter Page, 
a newsletter about birds and bird feeding!

Cardinal Corner  publishes a monthly newsletter always available in the both of our store locations in West St. Paul and Newport, Minnesota.  It is written by our staff  bringing  you the latest information on wild bird feeding and housing.  Cardinal Corner's Chatter can be emailed directly to you or viewed The content of our newsletters is what is expected to happen in our bird world each month plus new products such as; bird feeders, bird houses, wild bird accessories and new gift items that we have. Other newsworthy items are included in our newsletter such as events, sales and tips about feeding birds! We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.  Sign the form below or email us at if you would like to have our newsletters emailed to you.  At the bottom of this page is an email sign-up. We ask for your birth month so you can be sent a birthday card with a discount good for the month in our stores.  Enjoy.  Your comments and suggestions about what you would like to see in our newsletters or on our site would be greatly appreciated.
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